Could A Possible NFL Lockout This Fall Benefit Hunting?

Think about it.  This fall in living rooms across America there could be throngs of armchair quarterbacks restless because their favorite sport has suddenly gone dark.  While a lot can certainly change between now and training camp, the possibility of no professional football occurring this fall is a real possibility.

As fans are weighing the potential of no gridiron action, so, too, are businesses figuring out that no football on Sundays can result in some measurable negative consequences.

FootballTake for instance Buffalo Wild Wings.  This popular restaurant chain is already lamenting the fact their bottom line could lose as much as 10 percent this year without NFL Sunday football fans eating and drinking in their establishments.

So, as fans and businesses consider the potential impact of NO FOOTBALL this fall (yes, folks…I realize there will still be high school and college football), it’s time the hunting community also begins to consider this potential situation.  The way I see it…those folks in the public position of promoting hunting should be marshaling their resources now for a big public relations push to offer alternatives for folks suddenly forced out of their La-Z-Boys.

I’m serious.  I feel the current NFL labor strife will have demonstrative negative impacts rippling throughout many business sectors…BUT NOT FOR HUNTING.

Imagine millions of football fans with both time on their hands as well as money in their pockets.  No reason that money planned for game tickets couldn’t go for a pheasant hunting license, instead.  Absolutely no reason money ordinarily spent on team spirit wear couldn’t be spent on camo clothing and a pair of new hunting boots.

The point is the possibility of no football this fall could become one of the biggest boons to revitalizing the sport of hunting that we’ve seen for decades.  Of course, it won’t just happen automatically.

We all must do our part to take advantage of the opportunity, if it even presents itself.  How?  Invite that neighbor who hasn’t gone hunting for years to tag along with you this year.  Also, when the water cooler chatter focuses on what could happen with football, refocus the discussion to a better topic that WILL occur this fall—hunting.

Much of this effort must be spearheaded by our state game and fish departments.  In my opinion, if there is no football this fall AND your state game department doesn’t put on an all-out blitz in the media to promote hunting, then they are squandering a perfect situation to showcase the best recreational alternative to watching football.IMG_4128_2

Seriously, if the hunting community wants to maximize benefits from this situation the time to start planning is now.  Instead of a father tossing a football to his child in the backyard, let’s turn that situation into a dad showing his kid how to hunt.

I’ll admit, I do not relish the thought of my Vikings not playing football this fall.  On the other hand, no prospect of a football season will likely save me from listening to countless rumors of Brett Favre coming out of retirement one more time.

After all, if Favre can’t play football what do you think he’ll be doing?  That’s right…rest assured his time will be spent outdoors enjoying what should be our favorite fall pastime—hunting.

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